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The zoom link to The Conversation Campfire is:   https://zoom.us/j/595172819

Join us for powerful, “CONVERSATIONS THAT MATTER”

about navigating life on this planet!

Let’s ask better questions and come up with better answers!

Here is a video conversation/explanation/vision about the amazing resource, www.TheConversation.cc

The Conversation — an Introduction

The zoom link to enter The Conversation Cafe is:   https://zoom.us/j/595172819

Latest video introduction to our work on Whidbey Island, Washington, 9/4/20:


Upcoming Happenings!

Tuesdays, ongoingly, will henceforth be “Togetherness Tuesdays”, with Togetherness as the main theme.

Wednesdays will be henceforth “Water Wednesdays”, thank you Elizabeth!

Friday Block Parties, per http://radish.org/block-party/ , continue with the same themes as always, and will henceforth be designated “Food Fridays”, with feeding everyone as the main theme.

Recurring Events on The Conversation

Here is our default schedule (all times are Pacific):

Monday: 12 noon until close (typically midnight or even later)

Tuesday: 11 a.m. until close, where from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. we have programming defined by “the Solution Club at the Beginning of the New World” — please sign up on Radish.org (always free) to receive emailings for the Solution Club and the Friday Block Party)

Wednesday: Water Wednesdays, just as soon as we are ready to launch . . . stay tuned!

Thursday: 12 noon until close

Friday: 24-hour Block Party starts at 7 a.m. Pacific time. Please see http://radish.org/block-party/ for the full schedule and more information.

Saturday: Generally we will start at 12 noon on Saturdays.

Sunday: Generally we will start at 12 noon on Sundays.

Please note: Our goal is to be open 24×7 as soon as we have enough trained hosts and hostesses. Again, sign up on Radish.org if you are interested in helping out.


The Conversation Team

The Conversation, The Block Party, and the Solution Club are merging!

Exciting news:  The Conversation, The Block Party, and the Solution Club are all merging!  The new model is based on The Conversation – please see the videos and text on TheConversation.cc for more.

In practical terms, this means:

ALL of the great conversations happening within all three of the above-mentioned venues continue, AND from time to time we will have multiple conversations happening in parallel:  So if there is on topic that grabs you more than the others, you can participate in that one.

For more on the Block Party, please visit:

For more on the Solution Club, please visit Jamen’s YouTube channel, on which recordings of previous Solution Clubs are posted:



How to Participate

If you would like to participate in The Conversation beyond participating in it (e.g., make a presentation followed by Q&A, organize a specific project, lead or co-lead a specific series of conversations, etc.) and/or volunteer in The Lounge, please apply to join Radish.org via the following link:


Therein, please specify what your specific interest is, and we will gladly reach out to you with a proposed time for a conversation.



As a bit of background:
We launched both The Conversation and The Lounge on Saturday, July 4, 2020, at 6 a.m. Pacific time, and kept it open a full 24 hours.

These days, through the late evening of Tuesday July 14, we will be hosting the Harmonic Convergence After Party in The Lounge from 6 p.m. Pacific time until we run out of cosmic steam 😉

The above zoom link is the same as the link to Radish.org’s 24-hour Collective Intelligence Block Party which runs from 7 a.m. Friday morning through 7 a.m. Saturday morning, Pacific time – right up to the start time of The Lounge, per above.

All are welcome to join any part of the Block Party – please see http://radish.org/block-party/  for details.

The Basic Idea of The Conversation and The Lounge

Here is the basic idea, our current vision of how this all could evolve:

We are launching an ongoing “network of conversations”, with a hub-and-spoke architecture, as follows:

The Conversation is the provisional name for the network of conversations, whose closest analog is World Unity Week’s Trello board of conversations to choose from.

The Lounge is the provisional name for the hub of the network.

By default everyone, and especially newcomers, start at The Lounge.  The Lounge, as its name implies, is “casual and comfortable”, and professionally managed, all with a view to maximizing the feeling (and reality) of welcoming, compassion, love, respect, radical inclusivity and safety for ALL guests, and especially first-time visitors.

In addition, after the top priority of welcoming newcomers to The Conversation, The Lounge also seeks to be a “smart hub” for sharing information about what is happening in the *other* conversations throughout the network.  This Hub of conversations is called The Conversation.  

So for example, a typical “moment in the life of The Lounge” might go as follows:

·      A newcomer (let’s call her “Newbie”) arrives in The Lounge, and is welcomed warmly

·      After some brief conversation about “what this is all about” (The Conversation, The Lounge, etc.), Newbie is welcomed to either hang out in The Lounge as long as she likes, OR she can choose to venture out into the various other conversations throughout the network (The Conversation). 

Recordings of Past sessions of The Conversation

Here is a recording of our July 15, 2020 meetings:


We aim to get these recordings up on YouTube as soon as practical . . . stay tuned.


Looking forward to having you join us and help us shape this emerging conversation.

Thank you in advance,

We are all part of the The Conversation Leadership Team  

Join us,

Peter, Jamen, Sailesh and YOU !

Jamen Shively has worked in technology, humanitarian and environmental projects since his early teens.  He co-founded www.Radish.org in 2014 with the dream of creating a higher form of intelligence, to generate all of the solutions humanity needs to save, heal and transform life on Earth.  Prior to Radish, Jamen was Corporate Strategy Manager at Microsoft, and was later an early pioneer in the legalization of cannabis in the U.S. and Latin America, famously working with former Mexican President Vicente Fox to orchestrate responsible legalization and regulation throughout the Americas.

Dr. Sailesh Rao has over three decades of professional experience and is the Founder and Executive Director of Climate Healers, a non-profit dedicated towards healing the Earth’s climate. A systems specialist with a Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, Dr. Rao worked on the internet communications infrastructure for twenty years after graduation. During this period, he led the transformation of early analog internet connections to more robust digital connections that also ran ten times faster, at 1Gb/s. In 2006, he switched careers and became deeply immersed, full time, in solving the environmental crises affecting humanity. Dr. Rao is the author of two books, Carbon Dharma: The Occupation of Butterflies and Carbon Yoga: The Vegan Metamorphosis, and an Executive Producer of four documentaries, The Human Experiment (2013), Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (2014), What The Health (2017), and A Prayer for Compassion (2019).

Peter Melton is a promoter of unity consciousness, an author and storyteller, an activist, an advocate for the youth, a networking specialist and the creator of the Unity Sign. His skill set also includes event production, Master of Ceremonies, talk show host and support group leader in the fields of climate change, grief support and mens work.  Peter is a visionary who infuses his big heart and playful spirit into all he does. He also does a pretty good Kermit the Frog impression.  He is the Author of a spirited fable called Waves of Oneness, A Tale of two waves remembering that they are one. www.PeterMelton.com

YOU –please tell us about yourself, at the first opportunity.

(“.cc” stands for “collective compassion”)

The Real Game

In the press conference organized by myself and ex Mexican President Vicente Fox in May 2013 which changed the course of history as regards the prohibition vs. legalization of drugs, around minute 6:30, President Fox talks about playing “the real game”:

He was referring to the “real game” of dismantling prohibition.  Herein, we explore the vastly bigger “real game” of saving life on Earth, and the action in the arena:  actual conversations on what matters the most right now.

Humanity has been progressively (regressively) retreating from the space of actual conversations, and engaging instead in a game of “notes under the door” which is how I think of social media generally, and to a lesser extent email, blog posts, even newspaper and magazine articles.

The Real Game is about humanity getting back into a space of authentic, open-hearted, open-minded actual conversations about what matters the most:  saving, healing and transforming life on Earth.

In this conversation, we explore The Real Game from different facets, dimensions and angles, including:

·      What will it take to get humanity back in the game?

·      How did we get so far out of the game, to begin with?

·      How do we make the game safe, compelling, enticing for people?

·      What are the objectives of the game?  What are the rules?

·      Stories about the game – real life stories from the front lines

Designing the Conversation

The main action of the The Real Game is conversation.  So how do we “do” conversation, in a way that is maximally productive, efficient, inclusive, and ultimately successful in terms of the goal (see Mission and Vision)?

Please see also “Designing the Network of Conversations”, which takes us from a single conversation, all the way up to the 50,000 foot view of an entire network of conversations.

Herein, we focus on designing the perfect conversation – the perfect “single conversation” – the perfect component within the larger system of a Network of Conversations.

Designing a Network of Conversations

If a single conversation is a way for us to collectively “make sense” of a given topic – whatever is being discussed in that single conversation – then a well-designed network of conversations is how we collectively make sense of a much bigger topic, or set of topics, such as for example “saving the Amazon”, or “cooling the planet”.

And beyond a single “network of conversations”, there is a vastly larger construct we are working on, which is a “network of networks” of conversations – see UN247 for more on this.  The big big BIG idea is that a proper UN247 is perhaps the single most effective way for humanity to collectively make sense of the entire set of our problems, opportunities, solutions and transformations which await our collective sense-making, and ultimately our collective management of ourselves and how we walk the Earth – whether as rapists of our Mother Earth, or her caretakers.

Herein, we focus on designing a single Network of Conversations, and in particular, we will use the guinea pig of TheConversation.cc.  What is our aspiration for TheConversation, as a single network of conversations?  At any given moment, the above calendar shows a bird’s-eye view of this particular network.  What is the story that that view tells?  What is the big picture we are striving to address in TheConversation?  What is missing from the calendar?  Part of this discussion includes an exploration of a 24×7 network of conversations, which is what TheConversation strives to become, among many other things.


This is an emergent “holy grail” culmination of the preceding three topics:  The Real Game, Designing the Conversation, and Designing a Network of Conversations.  The Real Game defines the game; Designing the Conversation defines the action in the arena; and Designing a Network of Conversations expands the arena to a whole network of conversations.

UN247 stands for “United Networks of 24×7 Conversations”.  Just as the United Nations constitutes a union (of sorts) of all of the participating nations in the world, UN247 constitutes a union (of sorts) of all of the networks of conversations in the world, which are 24×7, and which meet other criteria which we will explore herein.

These criteria center around two pillars:

One pillar is the overarching goal (please see Mission and Vision) of saving, healing and transforming life on Earth.

The other pillar is the idea that humanity, by coming together in a network of networks of conversations (such as UN247), can and must a) engage in “collective sense-making” of the whole of this mess we currently find ourselves in on planet Earth, as well as the entire set of solutions we will ultimately need to develop and implement in order to save, heal and transform life on Earth.

Mission and Vision

As a species, who are we?  Why are we here?  What is the mission?

What is our collective vision of the world we want?  We explore all of these questions in this conversation, as a guiding light for TheConversation specifically, and UN247 generally.

Grand Strategy, and Grand Plan

One of the big goals is that out of TheConversation and UN247, emerge a collective synthesis of a Grand Strategy and a Grand Plan to save, heal and transform life on Earth.

If you think it is impossible that humanity will ultimately reach a collective consensus on a grand strategy or grand plan, then you are right, and you are wrong.  To learn why, please join this conversation!

Dimensions, Realms, etc.

Herein, we explore, analyze and tabulate all of the dimensions and realms relevant to both the bigger picture of saving, healing and transforming life on Earth, as well as specific problems, opportunities, and solutions.  Why is this important?  Because all too often, we pursue a single objective relative to a specific metric or set of dimensions, and we (often unintentionally) remain ignorant of other relevant dimensions and impacts.  Herein, we propose a systematic “inventorying” of all the relevant dimensions, to the overall big picture of saving, healing and transforming life on Earth.  For example, here is a “starter set”, which beckons to be expanded:

·      Politics and Political Transformation

·      Economics and Economic Transformation

·      Our Story, and writing a new story for humanity

·      Togetherness / CSI (collective superintelligence)

·      Global Movements, Trim Tabs, etc.

·      Heart and Spirit

Specific Solutions, Goals, Projects and Strategies

All too often, we humans dive into specifics, without creating a healthy and holistic framework, such as the preceding sections address.  In parallel with the development of such a framework, we are hard at work on specific solutions, with corresponding specific goals and milestones, projects and strategies.  Among the most important and urgent of these which we discuss ongoingly within TheConversation, are:

·      Food Healers – feeding everyone on Earth, ongoingly, as a basic human right.

·      Cooling our Planet:  we are overheating exponentially, and all options for halting and reversing this cooling must be explored, and ultimately rationalized into a set of the most urgent solutions.

·      Decommissioning Nuclear – all forms of nuclear (bombs, power plants, etc.).

·      Togetherness and CSI:  To varying degrees, each of us possesses a knowing that life on Earth can be “night and day different” from the dystopian mess we are living in at the present time, and that humanity getting herself together is the key.  TheConversation is being designed to bring us together.  CSI stands for collective superintelligence – one of the crucial outcomes of humanity finally coming together in constructive, harmonious ways, as outlined in the sections above, and explored in depth in TheConversation.


Herein, we explore the conscious evolution of TheConversation, from the following perspectives:

·      TheConversation as a model 24×7 network of conversations.  As we explore in UN247, we envision a vast, interconnected network of 24×7 conversations.  We have to start somewhere; we are starting here in TheConversation.  One of our goals herein is to create an example for the world to see, and to the extent it wishes, to emulate, copy, modify, learn from (successes and failures), etc.

·      Within the emergent UN247, what is/are the niche(s) of TheConversation, beyond the preceding bullet?  What is our role within the larger “network of networks” of conversations?

·      Where are we at, right now, and where are we going?  What is missing?  What actions can we take today, this week, this month . . . to forward TheConversation?

The Tyranny of Thought

Like a cancer cell . . . that consumes the other cells . . . by performing some kind of violence against their free will to think . . . whether through condescension, shaming, . . .

The tyranny of like vs. dislike . . . from social media  . ..  that was training ground for obedience to the tyrant . . .

“we are safe in our collective belief system” . . . Oppenheimer disparaged David Boehm’s career . . . when the tribe says “you’re out” . . .

tribalism .  .. “false acceptance” of the individual . . . conditional acceptance  . .. Trump and his brown-shirts.

Going Multicellular

Each cell maintains its own nucleus.

Yes, there is a lot more “coordination cost”, at least initially, than in the Tyranny of Thought model.

Yes, there is a lot more “coordination cost”, at least initially, than in the Tyranny of Thought model.