We are at COP 26!

Creator and co-host Jamen Shively along with valued contributors are currently in Glasgow, Scotland supporting the transformation needed for healing and saving ALL life on earth.

We’ll be in attendance of vital press conferences by many including Dr. Sailesh Rao, (founder and executive director of Climate Healers) and Professor Stephen Salter, (leader in Marine Cloud Brightening). We’ll be posting updates soon so keep an eye on this page to hear all about our work at COP 26. For now, feel free to watch our published conversations leading up to COP26, Glasgow.

Current Update from

COP 26 in Glasgow, Scotland, November 8, 2021

I.  We are here, in Glasgow, to stay until we have these problems, and their solutions, sorted out, in terms of having a planetary-level strategy, and plan for achieving our goals of saving, healing and transforming life on Earth

II.  In service of these goals, we need a planetary Collective Intelligence which will grow exponentially, so that we have as much Collective Intelligence as is required to solve all of our current problems, and handle whatever problems and opportunities may come our way in the future.  Let us first dream our way into it.  And from these dreams, we will build a new and better reality for all life

III.  What is missing?  You are missing.  We need you here.  We want you here.  With you here, now it is perfect!

What are your ideas as to the best possible strategy and plan to save, heal and transform life on Earth?

We have some ideas we would love to introduce to you, which we believe are among the essential ideas for achieving our goals of saving, healing and transforming life on Earth.  We discuss these every day on The Conversation zoom room.  Please feel free to join us there any time.

In addition to joining our Zoom meetings which we host several times per week, our newest project which we are launching this week is called Cambrian II, for which we have a team in Glasgow, Scotland right now, and to which we invite you to learn about, and join and participate in, at whatever level you are interested.

You can learn all about Cambrian II here

Some Press Updates

We’re still going strong at COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland and getting some rightly needed media coverage about our main goals and strategies for healing, transforming and saving ALL life on Earth. As well as spreading some infectious joy with some special Jamen Shively performances! Check out a great article here written by Caroline O’ Doherty of the Independent in Ireland!

You can watch some mobile videos below with some of our time at COP26.

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